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 Those attending this reunion 

First, a list of those who have confirmed their attendance at this yearís reunion.  The tally today is 64 attending (including 5 of our teachers), 48 inabilities & 20 from whom I have had no feedback or no confirmation either way.

Adele Wetherall

Gai Reilly

John Shepherd

Lorell McIntyre

Rhonda Roy

Aishwarya Saraswati

Geoff Bright

John Townsend

Lynne Lear

Rob MacGregor

Barbara Boniface

Geoff Ewin

Josephine Gough

Margaret Mclelland

Robert Wickham

Brad Lloyd

George Peat

Judy McKinnon

Meryl Jackson-Kew

Ros Perry

Bruce Williams

Glen Shepherd

Keith Morley

Michael Mildenhall

Sue Duncombe

Carolyn Hunt

Graham Tier

Kerry Goodwin

Michael Schmidt

Sue Lamerton

Christine Yap

Helen Rainger

Kevin Donegan

Nanette Franks

Susie Gregory

Connie Nielsen

Janice Baxter

Kristin Ballard

Narelle Cula

Ted Kramer

David Hogg

Janis Craft

Laraine Harding

Neil Marott

Tony Holland

David Mansfield

John Gadsby

Larry Margerison

Patricia Morgan

Trevor Gibson

Denise Worrill

John Martin

Leonie Walters

Phil Jones

Veronica Pratt

Faye Ugrinov

John Powrie

Lesley Sinclaire

Phil Younger

Wayne Davis

Gary Mulheron

John Rickard

Linda Hart

Ray Johnson


Next, a list of those who will not be joining us this year (assuming their circumstances donít change) although we will get some dropping in on the night & on Sunday at the school.

Alan Kendall

Dennis Williams

John Flynn

Marian Wedlock

Ron Knowles

Allison Thompson

Dianna Burns

John Horrell

Mark Underwood

Ross Travena

Bente Astrup

Frances Laneyrie

John Parsons

Pam Bubb

Ruth Leo

Bill Langtry

Helen Brown

Julie Brooks

Paul Blood

Stephanie Vu

Bill Wilkinson

Ian Hogg

Kristine Dewar

Paul Greer

Steve Yeo

Brian Harding

Ian McLeod

Leonie Dewhurst

Paul Young

Terry Strachan

Chris Austin

James Guest

Lesley Fentiman

Peter Martin

Wendy Dugmore

Chris Stott

Jane Lewis

Libby Gray

Phil Harvey

Wilma Chinnock

Claudette Herbert

Jane Stokes

Lyn Jeleric

Rae Jeffcote


Darrell Eason

Janet Griffiths

Lynnette McCluskey

Rod Cheney


Last updated Wednesday, 14th October 2009


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