The Organising Committee

Trevor Gibson

Trevor started the ball rolling by canvassing for interest on friendsreunited and very ably lead us in our efforts to find classmates and to organise the 2006 reunion.

Keith Morley

Webmaster, communications & whatever else he can do from Melbourne.  Keith also got involved in 2006.

Tony Holland

I want to hear the 60's war stories (whether they are true or not). As they say "if you remember the 60's you weren't really there".

John Shepherd

I can help with hackwork such as internet searches to track people down. We can negotiate on tasks, and I suppose I'll have to admit that I've organised a couple of my Academy reunions (albeit a much smaller group and most stayed in touch).  (Shep is the best minute-taker I've ever met)

Rosalind Perry
     (nee Stubbs)

Ros is still a Wollongong local, & a great help in tracking classmates down.  Ros did a lot of the tedious but necessary feet-on-the-street work for our 2006 reunion often aided by Rhonda and Kevin.  Ros has now resigned from the committee to encourage others to be involved (but it's OK, we know where she lives).

Jo Gough
     (nee Inczedi)

Images of reunion last, thinning silver hair, Name tags in large type, Amazing people, Classmates

Sue Lamerton

Sue has joined the committee post 2006 reunion.  She has recently returned to Wollongong to live, having acted on the homing instinct that quite a few of have felt of late.

Laraine Harding
     (nee Lock)

Laraine has also recently relocated to the Wollongong area from Canberra & has volunteered to help with our 2009 reunion.

Leonie Walters
(nee Hart)

Leonie also lives in the Wollongong area from Canberra & has joined to help with our 2009 reunion.

David Mansfield

David has also come on board to help with our 2009 reunion.

There are also a handful of quiet achievers who have put in a real effort in seeking out our ‘lost souls’ and providing help from behind the scenes.  We could not have achieved as much as we have done without their invaluable ongoing contributions.


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