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1.  I donít have a password to access the secure pages

2.  I donít get the opportunity to enter a password

I donít have a password to access the secure pages

This website is for ex-students and teachers from Wollongong High School who shared all or part of the journey with the graduating class of 1969.  Some information content is accessible to all, however personal and privileged information requires a password to gain access.  To cover costs in hosting & maintaining the website and other communications costs, access is granted after you subscribe.

If you do not have a password & feel you should have one, e-mail us using the SubmitYourQuestionSml button above.

I donít get the opportunity to enter a password

Internet Explorer 8 (& maybe also 7) has a scripted windows security setting which prevents applications from collecting user input through the 'prompt JavaScriptí method.  This is a stupid Microsoft default setting.


1.   In Internet Explorer go to Tools, Internet Options.

2.   Select the Security tab.

3.   Select the zone; Internet.

4.   Click the Custom Level button.

5.   Scroll down the settings and enable "Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows".

6.   Click the OK button.

7.   Click Yes when prompted "Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone?".

8.   Close Internet Explorer.

9.   Re-open the website and have another go.

Note also:  The Trusted Sites zone has the setting "Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows" Enabled by default. You can simply add to the Trusted Sites list to resolve the issue.

Otherwise (all things being equal) you should get the following...

This will pop up in the top left-hand corner when you go to either the Secure Site and teacher and student status pages

type in password & click OK


It appears on the screen that says "This page is password secured. You can view this page after entering the password" and if you cancel the prompt you should get "Sorry! You are not authorized to view this page."


If it doesn't work this way then it is most likely a software incompatibility, probably a version or security settings issue (as resolved in the solution above or something very similar).


If you use Firefox (I use Internet Explorer by preference but use Firefox for diagnosis purposes) - it works for me in Firefox, but the password box comes up in the middle of the screen and looks like this


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